Nitec Programme

ELITC is licensed by Institute of Technical Education Services Pte Ltd (ITEES) to conduct Nitec Programmes for foreign students' education and upgrading and re-skilling of adult workers to obtain the qualification.

New CET Qualification Framework for Adults Learners

The rapidly evolving economy requires workers to re-skill and upgrade more frequently to avoid skills obsolescence. The new CET (Continuing Education and Training) Qualification framework is an ongoing effort by ITE to ensure a respective, relevant and effective CET system. It offers a shorter and more job-specific curriculum to meet the immediate job needs of working adults, and allows them to complete a course in a shorter time for gainful employment.

Under the new CET Qualification framework, all Nitec courses are replaced by National ITE Certificate in Technology (Nitec in Technology).

Courses under the new CET Qualification framework have been offered in the CET system since Jan 2012.

NTLEN Nitec in Technology - Electronics, Computer Networking & Communications 600


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