Comprising of an intricate ecosystem of manufacturing, integrating computing, networking, and physical processes, Manufacturing 4.0 will be the new norm for businesses to see an increase in productivity, accessibility, and ultimately a profitable increase in revenue.

At ELITC, we understand the importance of upgrading your skillset and acquiring new knowledge of all technological advances. Ad demand increases, we organise these workshops almost every month, catering to every individual and organisation needs. Do keep a lookout for our workshops in your mailbox.

Forget “old-school” production floors and manufacturing lines… Say “Hello” to Digitisation, Robotics, and Automation. This trend is here to stay.

The below programs will be conducted by ELITC Academy Pte Ltd.

The Digital Readiness (BBIP) Framework was launched on 3 December 2018 as a strategy to raise the digital literacy of all workers.

There are 4 levels of competencies namely,

  1. Bridging,
  2. Beginner,
  3. Intermediate,
  4. Proficiency

It provide a step-by-step guide to workers to tap on current courses available in the market to develop their digital skills.

Who will benefit?

It serves to guide companies and workers acquire digital proficiency to help all workers cope with technologies used at work and everyday life.


ELITC is licensed by Institute of Technical Education Services Pte Ltd (ITEES) to conduct Nitec Programmes for students’ education and upgrading and re-skilling of adult workers to obtain the qualification.​